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Shoe Polish

Probably the most well recognised shoe polish of then all. Look no further than the un-beatable Kiwi shoe polsh or maybe even try the Kiwi parade gloss if your looking that extra shine.

Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcrrp
Price per 12 tinsRenovating shoe polish for smooth leather. High quality pigment content. Cleans, covers scuffs & protects...
Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish 50ml
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Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbsp
Price per 12For smooth leather. Cleans, nourishes and protects...
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbws
Price per 6This easy 'spray and wipe' formula shines, nourishes and protects smooth and synthetic leather footwear and accessories. It contains a unique blnd of waxes and oils to clean and shine all smoooth, analine and synthetic leather including grained and patent...
Brand: Dasco Model: dtwsp
Dasco traditional wax shoe polish in a large range of colours.Price per 12 tins..
Brand: Dasco Model: duksnc
Dasco waxed leather cream has been specially formulated to clean, nourish and revive shoes with waxy, oiled and natural finishes. Suitable for waxy smooth and waxy nubuck leathers...
Leather Conditioner & Cleaner 250ml
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Model: sslc
Price per tub    Corious leather conditioner & cream. Polishes, cleans & protects all types of leather products such as boots, shoes, jackets etc..
Brand: Saphir Model: dussp
Price per 12 tinsSaphir pate de luxe wax shoe polish with bees wax for superior shine and protection...
Brand: Saphir Model: dussc
By working natural waxes of Saphi shoe cream into damaged areas, the very high pigment concentration repairs and recolors the grain of the leather. The waxes guarantee effective protection and provide an unrivalled shine...
Brand: TRG Model: cbtss
Price per tinSpecial Leather Soap. Upholstery, sofas, boots, jackets. Apply saddle soap with a moist sponge, working well into the leather. Allow to dry and buff with a clean cloth...
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