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Shoe Horns

If your looking for shoe horn to help you squeeze into those everyday favourite shoes then you will find then in this section here. You will also find figure headed shoe lifts which make a excellent gift.

Brand: Dasco Model: dutsh
Price per card. 12 per cardTortoiseshell plastic shoehorns..
Brand: Movi Model: mxlsh
Price per itemExtra Long colour plastic shoehorns 25 1/4”Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Mauve, Pink, Grey, Orange, Turquoise, Green & White..
Brand: Movi Model: mfhsh
Price per hornLong figure headed wooden shoehorns 21 ½”..
Long Plastic Shoehorns
Hot -10 %
Brand: Benchmark Model: blph
Price per hornLong colour plastic shoehorns 16 ½”..
Model: lslsh100
Price per horn.Nickle plated long shoe horn with wooden handle...
Model: lssh
Price per horn.Nickel plated long sprung shoe horn with wooden handle..
Model: tacmh
Price per hornShort metal shoehorns 6 ½”Long metal shoehorns 17 1/2..
Model: alsh
Price per card. 12 horns per cardCarded colour shoehorns..
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