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Cherry Blossom Aerosols

Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbuc
Price per 6 cans.Cleans & protects smooth and waxed leathers, sude, nubuck and synthetic footwear and accessories. It can provide effective salt stain removal.Suitable for all colours...
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcmd
Price per 6Freshens and deodorises footwear. The advanced formula neutralises odours caused by bacteria. Keeps shoes smelling fresh...
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbp
Price per 6 A universal protector providing a water-repellent coating for leather, suede, nubuck & fabric.   Suitable for all colours Reviews Please log in to write a review or rate a product. Customer rating Please log in to r..
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbws
Price per 6This easy 'spray and wipe' formula shines, nourishes and protects smooth and synthetic leather footwear and accessories. It contains a unique blnd of waxes and oils to clean and shine all smoooth, analine and synthetic leather including grained and patent...
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbwls
Price per 6Cleans, nourishes and protects all oiled, waxed and matt leathers...
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