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Special Offers

Model: alexa
Price per item67% polyester / 33% cotton aprons. One size fits all..
Brand: Benchmark Model: hrbyg
Price per pack. 10 pairs per packWinter grip stick on soles..
Brand: Cobblers Choice Model: rpccleai
Price per 5 pairsExcellent quality leather comfort insoles for everyday shoes & boots...
Brand: Cobblers Choice Model: cccsgb
Application:Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and close fitting. Apply a small amount of adhesive to one surface only, assemble and allow to cure...
Cobblers Choice Super Glue Clear 50ml
Hot -10 %
Brand: Cobblers Choice Model: cvccsg
Used for repairing shoes etc made of rubber, Leather, EVA, TR, PUR. Bonds with in seconds.Application: Surfaces to be bonded must be clean,dry and close fitting. Apply small amount of adhesive to one surface only, assemble and allow to cure...
Brand: Leather & Grindery Model: rpti
Price per 5 pairs packCushion comfort foam insoles made from high quality latex materials..
Brand: Grisport Model: Ghla
Price per card of 10 pairsAssorted coloured Hiking laces 150cm..
Brand: Grisport Model: bmpsb
Price per 12Suede cleaning brushes with four different applicator heads which help to maintain the nap of suede & nubuck shoes..
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