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If your looking for the greatest discounts on shoe repairs materials, or sundries then the bundle option is the section for you.

Brand: Cobblers Choice Model: cchsb
For spraying leather & rubber items such as soles & heelsYou will receive 2 x Black, 1 x Gloss & 1 x Brown..
Brand: Dunlop Model: dgb
£129.80 £110.3320 pairs size 75 x 8mm20 pairs size 85 x 8mm20 pairs size 90 x 8mm20 pairs size 95 x 8mm20 pairs 2.7mm ladies stick on soles20 pairs 3.2mm gents stick on soles..
Brand: Dunlop Model: dsb
£117.20 £99.6220 pairs size 75 x 7mm20 pairs size 85 x 7mm20 pairs size 88 x 7mm20 pairs size 98 x 7mm20 pairs 2mm ladies stick on soles20 pairs 2mm gents stick on soles..
Brand: Dunlop Model: dwb
£62.70 £55.7420 pairs Winter Heels 98 x 8mm20 pairs Winter Soles 4.5mm..
Brand: SKS Model: skska
Buy 1 box of eachKey tags andSplit Rings andreceive 1 box ofKey CapsFREEworth £7.74..
Brand: SKS Model: skscto
Buy one of eack key caps and key tags for £16.74 £12.00..
Model: hsllb
£49.20 £44.2810 pairs ladies sock linings10 pairs gents sock linings10 pairs skived back linings10 pairs 3/4 sock linings..
Model: sb
£15.00 £10.006 Rubber strip off-cutsWhen we cut rubber heeling sheets into strips for customers we are left with unusual size off-cuts.Grab yourself a £10 bargin. You wont be disappointedYour strips bundle could consist of any make of the following. Svig, Topy, Benchmark, Dalplex..
Model: mtpb
 £172.4410 x Prime leather soles 13 9 iron10 x Prime leather soles 17 9 iron5 x  Prime leather full soles Xl 9 iron10 x 31/2 Prime quarter rubbers5 x 31/2 Prime combination heel blocks ..
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