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Gents Leather Heels

Replacement leather heels

Model: tqr
Price per 5 pairs25mm thick leather heel blocks with 1/4 rubber top piece and brass rivets..
Model: mtlb
Price per pairCombination block & toppieces save time & money as theres no need to use another toppiece. 15mm Thick..
Model: mtlb3
Price per pair15mm highA better quality replacement heel block to PVC..
Model: hbhl
Price per pair5mm thickLeather heel lifts are commonly used to build up the hight of a worn down heel prior the re heeling..
Model: mtpqrm
Price per 10 pairsRubber backed leather 1/4 rubber heels..
Model: mtpb
 £182.4410 x Prime leather soles 13 9 iron10 x Prime leather soles 17 9 iron5 x  Prime leather full soles Xl 9 iron10 x 31/2 Prime quarter rubbers5 x 31/2 Prime combination heel blocks ..
Brand: Svig Model: sve14r312
NEW 6mm Extreme leather 1/4 rubber heels. A fantastic looking 1/4 rubber heel that would be suitable for a lighter weight shoe..
Brand: Svig Model: svqr334
Price per 7 pairs really nice looking 1/4 rubber heel, rubber backed & at a reasonable price ..
Brand: Svig Model: svqr312
Price per 7 pairsreally nice looking 1/4 rubber heel, rubber backed & at a reasonable price..
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