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Primers & Solvents

Please note we are unable to ship these products internationally for legal or health and safety reasons.

Brand: Cobblers Choice Model: trlsa
Ideal for easy removal of soles prior to repairing. Will not mark the leather as other sole removers can...
Brand: Renia Adhesives Model: renpy
Yellow label 'Rehagol' for TR & latex materialsSmall bottle 85ml, Large 250mlPrimer to prepare surfaces prior to bonding.Brush not included..
Brand: Renia Adhesives Model: renpl
Yellow label 'Rehagol' for TR & latex materials Small bottle 85ml, Large 250ml Primer to prepare surfaces prior to bonding. ..
Brand: Wurth Model: wu2040
. Stops Squeaks. Drives out moisture. Cleans & protects. Loosens rusted parts. Frees sticky mechanisms..
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