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Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: GCBMPSB
Rubber cap and hanger hole, with synthetic bristles, for cleaning all nubuck and suede footwear and accessories...
Model: mcsb
27cm x 36cm Green cloth shoe bag. A really nice way to keep your favourite shoes free from dirt and scratches when not being worn. This bag is suitable for one pair of gents shoes...
Brand: Dasco Model: dussk
Price per kitContents 1 Black and 1 White shoe polish, 1 Shoe horn, 1 Polishing cloth, 1 x Shoe brush and 1 Applicator brush all in a attractive leather pouch...
Brand: Woly Model: TLT
Threading needle with inner screw for threading leather laces in deck shoes..
Model: lssh
Price per horn.Nickel plated long sprung shoe horn with wooden handle..
Model: ald
Price per pack. 10 per packYellow polishing cloths 35 x 35cm..
Model: Ghlhp
Price per pairStiletto heel protectors simply fit onto the end of a heel block to stop you sinking in the mud...
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