Caswell Adhesives

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3939 Solvent Thinners 5L
Thinner for working with Neoprene Cement. ..
Chelsea 396 Neoprene Adhesive 5L
Price per 5L High quality Polychloprene adhesive heat activated. ..
Gozin Leather Stretch 5L
Gozin stretching liquid helps to stretch tight fitting shoes & boots that pinch ..
Gripso Rubber Solution Adhesive 5L
Can be used for bonding soft rubber materials, foams, leathers. Commonly used in shoe repairs &am..
Gripsotite Neoprene Adhesive 5L
General purpose neoprene cement, used for shoe repairs and orthotic modifications. Leather, R..
Kumzoff Cleaner 1L
Caswell Kumzoff cleaner quickly loosens adhesive to enable you to remove soles & heels prior ..
LA60 Latex Adhesive 5L
Natural rubber latex adhesive commonly used for bonding low absorbant, close grain leather. ..
No1 Solvent thinner 1L
Thinner for working with Caswell products. ..
S10 Primer 1L
Primer to prepare surfaces prior to bonding. For Thermo Plastic Rubber. Allow to dry before apply..
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