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Supertap Heel Sheets

Supertap Heel Sheets
Supertap Heel Sheets

Price per sheet. Sheet size 400 x 25 x 6mm

Supertap SOFT and HARD SHEETS are made of 100% high abrasion resistant Supertap quality polyurethane (PU) with minimal use of plasticizers. It is a one piece polyurethane material since no leather or rubber layer is used as backing support. Its completely straight surface allows optimal glue bonding and the material does not melt when trimming.

The sheet has a special thin heat sealed fabric backing chemically treated for excellent bonding.

The top surface has a NON-SLIPPERY pattern of molded logos.

Supertap SOFT SHEET combines incredible softness (85 A) with the highest abrasion resistance available in the market offering a more comfortable and noiseless walk with more grip. It is also ideal for cold weather. Supertap HARD SHEET (95 A) provides more firmness to the heel especially in situations where there are hollow heels avoiding a softer sheet to bend inwards and detaching from the shoe heel.

Best results with POLYURETHANE GLUE, bonds also with shoe repair neoprene glue or cyanoacrylate glue. 

There is NO NEED TO GRIND the sheet for gluing.

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