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Shoe Brushes

In this section you will find the brushes to suit your needs. We have applicator brushes for applying polish. Bristle & horse hair shoe brushes in various sizes & colours. Suede brushes made of wire or rubber for multi purpose use.

Model: hsab
Price per brush17 cm long, pure bristles, wooden body...
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbsb
Wooden back, top-side curved, with lateral finger troughs- black stained and varnished, with horsehair  in either silver/grey or black.170x57x19mm Brush..
Brand: Cherry Blossom Model: gcbmpsb
Rubber cap and hanger hole, with synthetic bristles, for cleaning all nubuck and suede footwear and accessories...
Brand: Dasco Model: dusbl
Price per 12 pack Polished hardwood handle – with grey or black pure pig bristle.14cm Black & Grey, Ideal for shoes or boots 17cm Black & Grey A5701 ..
Brand: Dasco Model: dusbs
Price per 12 packPolished hardwood handle – with grey or black pure pig bristle.14cm Black & Grey, Ideal for shoes or boots14cm Black & Grey..
Brand: Dasco Model: dutpsb
Price per 12Compact bristle shoe brushes. One black & One grey per pack...
Brand: Grisport Model: bmpsb
Price per 12Suede cleaning brushes with four different applicator heads which help to maintain the nap of suede & nubuck shoes..
Brand: Grisport Model: btpb
Price per 12Twin pack shoe cleaning brushes constructed with pure bristle and a hardwood handle. Specially designed to effectively care for your shoes..
Brand: Grisport Model: bcsb
Price per 12Suede cleaning brushes constructed using high quality wire bristles. Specially designed to whisk away dust. Dirt & mud while refreshing the knap..
Model: hshhb
Price per brush17 cm long, 100% horsehair, lacquered wooden body...
Brand: Movi Model: mhhb
Price per 6 brushes16cm Horse Hair shoe brushes. Dark wooden handle with brown hair..
Model: lmd
Price per 5Stiff shoe brush ideal for removing mud and dirt from footwear. 18cm long..
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