From time to time products can be discontinued for various reasons. When this happens we sell them at fantastic discounted prices. Keep checking this page for these clearance items.

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Dasco Albany Wooden Shoe Tree 0640
Price per pair List price £33.54 OFFER PRICE £25.50 Lacquered beech shoe tree with hooked..
Diva Key Rings & Stand
Normal Price £34.48 CLEARANCE PRICE £27.10 Price per stand 36 Attractive br..
Double Tops Bundle
Double tops are a vulkalon rubber heel with changable pin to fit different heel tube sizes. B..
Duffle Shoe Kits
Price per kit ..
Dunlop Slick Heels Brown 96 x 7mm
Price per 10 pairs ..
Dunlop Stick On Sole Sheet 2mm Natural
Price per sheet £13.73 £12.20 Sheet size 58 x 69cm ..
Mesh Pattern Rubber Soles 5mm Gents
Price per 5 pairs ..
Mixed Rubber Heeling Strips Bundle x 6 strips
£15.00 £10.00 6 Rubber strip off-cuts When we cut rubber heeling sheets into strips for c..
Phillips Super Gold Ladies Heels
Price per 10 pairs ..
Phillips Winter Grip Soles Gents
5mm Thick winter grip soles Price per 10 pairs ..
Premier Grip PU Tops 9 /16
Price per 10 pairs ..
Prime Leather Long Soles B Grade 9 iron
Price per 10 pairs £54.90 £43.90 South American excellent quality replacement sho..
Prime Leather Soles 13 9 iron B Grade
£44.40 £35.50 Price per pack. 10 pairs per pack B Grade replacement shoe soles are 2nd se..
Red Micro Unit Soles
Price per pair 34cm Long ..
Reusable Folding Shopping Bags
Svig 6mm Duplesoft Sheeting
Price per sheet Soft Svig 305 Duplesoft rubber sheeeting by svig ..
Svig Crespino 1.8mm
Price per sheet Sheet size 730 x 630 x 1.8mm ..
Topy Sem Sole Sheeting 1.8mm
Price per sheet 96 x 60 x 1.8mm ..
Topy Strong Extra Thick Heels
Price per 10 pairs 75mm x 8mm Extra thick Topy rubber heels in natural colour WAS £9.90 N..
Traffic Sign Key Rings & Stand
Normal Price £34.48 CLEARANCE PRICE £27.10 Price per stand 36 Attractive brightly col..
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