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Stiletto Heels Plastic

Stiletto heel replacements made of hard wearing PU material

Model: ghls
Price per box. 50 pairs per boxSingle layer hard wearing ladies heels.The pin diameter is 2.9mm. ..
Model: ghlsn
Price per box. 50 pairs per box.The pin diameter is 2.9mm...
Model: ghls
Price per box. 50 pairs per boxDouble layer hard wearing ladies heels.Luxe Superior dowel heel lifts are made of top quality polyurethane and provide the highest abrasion resistance available.The heel thickness measures 6mm. The pin diameter is 3mm.   ..
Brand: Davies Odell Model: opu12101n
Price per pack. 10 per packHard wearing ladies rubber heel toppieces from odells..
Brand: Davies Odell Model: osd115n
10 pairs pack Silver 115 pin (2nd most popular size) No.1 ladies toppieces ..
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